As you all know, I LOVE travel! Exploring new cities and new places is one of the greatest joys in my life. People often ask me if I paint when traveling and the answer is usually no. I find it difficult to enjoy the spontaneity of experiencing new places while scheduling time to sit and draw or paint.

Last year we went to Paris and London and I brought along a small sketchbook and a pencil. I found little moments of time to sketch on location which was really fun.

This year when I took an art workshop in Spain, I brought that same sketchbook along with pencils, pens, and a small watercolor kit. I did a lot more sketching on location since the focus of the trip was on creating art. I really loved the joy of capturing little moments in my sketchbook and not feeling the pressure of creating a large, professional painting.

Now at home, I am finding time to continue the practice of creating small pieces in my sketchbook. It is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Sketching Sunflowers at Home

If you like to create but are intimidated by the thought of having to create some large elaborate painting, I encourage you to try adding a little sketch time to your life. You might find that it nurtures your creative spirit, and fits into your busy life at the same time!