I’m a big believer in continuing education and training as an artist. It is so essential to my growth. I can’t improve my artwork without the outside influence of those who are more skilled than me.

Each year I seek out at least one or two art workshops that I can attend to help take my art to the next level. This year I will be taking a watercolor workshop from Jeannie McGuire. I have taken her workshop once before and it was truly transformative. I can’t wait to see her again and learn new things!

Jeannie McGuire’s workshop is being held in Concord, California, so I asked my fun-loving husband if he’d like to make a road trip out of my travel. He agreed and helped me plan out a fun adventure up the coast of California.

We’ll be visiting Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Concord, and Napa.

I’m excited to hit the road in search of fun, inspiration, and growth as an artist. AND I’m very grateful to have such an amazing husband to join me on this journey.

I’ll post pictures of the trip and the workshop on Instagram and Facebook so you can follow along too!