Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters


Uncharted Waters – Original Watercolor on Wood Panel – 30″ x 30″

After 30 days and countless hours working on the most technically and mentally challenging watercolor painting I’ve ever endeavored, it is finished! The subject was inspired by the amazing figurative painter, Heather Horton . Her oil paintings of women swimming in water are mesmerizing. When I first decided I wanted to create this painting, I had no idea how to paint it, what techniques in watercolor to use, or pretty much any game plan whatsoever. Every day I would walk into the studio and just stare at it for a while. Some days, I would paint for an hour. Some days, just 5 minutes. I allowed my intuition to tell me where to paint, what colors to use, what type of brush strokes to use. And I was patient. Very patient. People asked me every week if I was finished yet and I just smiled and said, “not yet”. This was a totally different approach to painting for me and I’m very pleased with the outcome. 

Original Watercolor Painting created on watercolor paper, then mounted to a wood panel and sealed with an archival process.


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