Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion


Follow Your Passion – Original Watercolor on Wood Panel – 30″ x 30″

I was sitting on the beach in La Jolla, CA around sunset. This beautiful surfer girl walked right in front of me and I was able to capture a few photos of her. It was incredible how the light created beautiful highlights and shadows on her face and body. She looked so contented after a day of surfing. My first thought was, she is following her passion. Doing what she was meant to do. Living each day to its fullest.

I spent months working on this painting. Fine tuning and going back over and over again with more layers of watercolor. In my creation of this piece, I was following my passion too. Doing what I was born to do.

Original Watercolor Painting created on watercolor paper, then mounted to a wood panel and sealed with an archival process.

Title: Follow Your Passion.



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