I LOVE art books. I have a collection of almost 50 of them. The joy of collecting these treasures over the years has brought me much happiness. Here are 5 books that I consider favorites.

Gauguin in Tahiti- The First Journey – a little paperback published in 1992. I found this treasure at Wind n’ Sea Beach in La Jolla, CA. There was a basket of books sitting on the beach that said “Free”. This was the first book sitting on top. I knew it was meant to be. All of the paintings in the book were painted from 1891 to 1893. You can literally see Gauguin’s exploration and transformation in his art through this first journey to Tahiti. It is a very special little book.

A Year in Art- A painting a day– This lovely small hardbound book was given to me for my birthday by a dear artist friend named Mona. Every page has a quote and a work of art. A painting for each day of the year. It is beautifully made and inspires me each time I pick it up to view its beautiful pages.

Maxfield Parrish- The Landscapes- I found this book at a used bookstore. Not sure when. It was published in 1998. I would have much rather found a book of his figurative work, but I have always loved Maxfield Parrish and I just had to own a book of his regardless.

KLIMT- I found this treasure at Changing Hands Bookstore ages ago. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists of all time! The way he could combine figurative work with design details and even touches of gold- blows my mind. I love his work so much and it has influenced mine over the years.

Sorolla and America– A few years ago we spending some time in San Diego for my birthday. It just so happened that they were having an exhibit on Sorolla at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park at that same time. I was so thrilled that we got to attend. His sketches and paintings were magnificent to see in person. It was a beautiful show. They had these gorgeous hard cover coffee table books of Sorolla’s work and I just HAD to get one. It is definitely one of my favorite books to look through.

I hope you had fun learning about a few of my favorite art books. I’d love to hear what your favorites are too!