It is hard to believe that this journey all started 7 years ago in 2011.

Let’s rewind to 1979 when I was a little girl drawing on my chalkboard. I have always had art in my life. It is all I ever wanted to do. But somehow the practicalities of life, earning a living, paying a mortgage, bills & budgeting took over. Art got set aside for many years.

But in 2011, I realized, I wasn’t getting any younger and life wasn’t getting any longer and I decided to stop putting off my true calling. I started painting in watercolor, I entered my first shows, I sold my first pieces!

7 years later, I am so glad I did. I’m glad I kept pursing my dreams. I’m glad I choose to keep going every time I think I should just give up.

I’m so grateful to have been given this gift. I’ll always be an artist – no matter what. Here’s to an amazing 7 years and to many more ahead! Thank you for joining me along the way.